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Global Package

Your business has expanded and you work with people from all over the world. You are comfortable using technology for sharing information because you do it all the time. Online accounting software is a no-brainer for you. At the same time, you realize your time is better spent serving current clients and looking for new clients than doing the routine updating of accounting software.

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mega growth

Mega Growth

Your business is growing like crazy. Debit or credit cards get swiped daily. Maybe you wonder why a customer hasn’t paid only to realize you still have to create and send the invoice. A major concern is knowing if there is enough money in the bank to cover expenses, payroll, and paying yourself.

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Rising Entrepreneur

Rising Entrepreneur

You know that as a business owner, you need to have accurate financial information. Getting new clients is the priority for you. You have realized that if you took the time you spent on tracking the money in and out and used it to get a new client, you would make more than the cost of paying an expert to track the money for you.

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Need Help with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Help

Finally become a confident QuickBooks user with professional QuickBooks training on your schedule. Clarity Finances will train you to use QuickBooks the most effective way for your business. We have worked with hundreds of businesses in many different industries. You will be amazed at how fast and simple it is to learn QuickBooks when you have a personal one-on-one relationship with an experienced QuickBooks instructor. As you begin to realize everything QuickBooks can do for your business, you will also begin to feel more comfortable exploring the interface and expand your knowledge of the program. With a good understanding of QuickBooks, you can know more about the financial aspect of your business than you ever thought possible.

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General Ledger Maintenance

Recording all transactions as they occur with the proper classification is the only way to have financial reporting available when you need it to make business decisions, file tax forms, make estimated payments, set up budgets, go to the bank for a loan etc.

Accounts Receivable

Invoicing customers on a timely basis and tracking payments received are the basic functions of accounts receivable. Knowing who owes you how much and when is a key component of both collections and cash flow projection.

Accounts Payable

Organized accounts payable information allows you to keep track of what you owe to others. Entering bills as you receive them into accounting software such as QuickBooks can save a lot of time. No more hunting through piles of bills to see if one was paid or not.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliations help confirm the integrity of your financial data. Ideally check and credit card registers should be compared to statements on a monthly basis so that any necessary additions or corrections can be made. Even banks can make a mistake. The bank reconciling feature in QuickBooks really simplifies the process.

Consider Outsourcing

Accurate bookkeeping is crucial to any business regardless of size. A good bookkeeper can increase your business’ efficiency and profitability. Having a full time person dedicated to the task is often not necessary or possible. Leaving the job to whichever employee seems to have the most time free is not usually a good option either. And for business owners who do their own bookkeeping—the value of their time and how it could be better spent growing their business should be considered. Outsourcing can be a great option.